What do I want to be when I grow up – and how to get there?

CREATE 2018 Workshop on Career Development
In this two-day workshop facilitated by Pilvikki Absetz and Brian Oldenburg, you will have a chance to take a detailed look at your career, both as it has developed in the past and as you would like to see it progress in the future. What are your career goals? What milestones have you already reached and what do you see coming next? What are your most important skills and capabilities? How to ensure that you are using them to their full potential and how to develop new skills and capabilities to achieve your career goals? How to “package” or brand the skills in a way that makes them useful for academia, private sector or non-governmental organizations – whether as your employers, clients or collaborators? What kinds of networks do you need, and how to build and nurture them? How to communicate effectively within the networks and beyond? How to ensure ongoing capacity building? Do you have good life/career mentor(s)?  
These and other related questions will be explored in a relaxed, supportive environment utilizing participants’ and facilitators’ experience.
Career Summary Statement for Workshop Facilitators:
Pilvikki Absetz is a Research Director at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland (UEF); an Adjunct Professor of Health Promotion at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere; and the CEO and sole owner of Collaborative Care Systems Finland (CCSF), a small enterprise providing services related to health promotion and disease prevention. She is a health psychologist specialized in dissemination and implementation of behavioral interventions to promote health and to prevent noncommunicable diseases, especially cardio-metabolic diseases.  She has worked extensively to develop strength-based approaches to lifestyle change and coaching of individuals and groups. She collaborates with private, public, and non-governmental organisations in designing, implementing and evaluating health promotion and disease prevention programs, and through the CCSF, she is an SME partner in international research projects. She has ongoing collaboration in many EU-countries, Australia, India, South Africa and Uganda. She is an experienced workshop facilitator, lecturer and trainer of professionals, as well as PhD supervisor.
Brian Oldenburg is Professor of Noncommunicable Disease Control in the School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, Australia and Director of the Global WHO Collaborating Centre of Implementation Research for Prevention & Control of NCDs. He is a health psychologist and public health researcher who researches health policy, global health and the prevention and control of diabetes, heart disease and co-morbid mental health conditions. He has undertaken many ‘real world’ intervention trials, their evaluation and scale-up in health-care settings, work organisations, schools and other community settings in Australia and other countries, including Finland, China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and South Africa. He has also developed and researched new technologies and m-Health interventions to improve health. He has produced more than 350 publications. He has been a recent Honorary Professor at research organisations and universities in Finland, Hong Kong, India and China. He has also led capacity building and training initiatives in low and middle income countries on behalf of US National Institutes of Health, the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases and the World Health Organisation.
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EHPS Conference 2018, Galway, Ireland
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Sunday, August 19, 2018 to Tuesday, August 21, 2018