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To purchase a one-year membership of the EHPS, please click the 'Add' button below. You will then be able to enter the information that will be printed on your invoice and pay using PayPal, where you can use your PayPal account for pay using your regular bank account, or pay using a credit card if you do not have (or want) a PayPal account (to pay by credit card, click "Don't have a PayPal account?", or whatever the bottom-most option is called in your language, on the PayPal website).

Some members are eligible for a reduced fee. There are three reduced fees:

  • Depending on members' country, some members are eligible for a reduced fee to 25 euro (please see this list).
  • Student members (e.g. bachelor or master students or phd. candidates) get a reduction to 25 euro.
  • Student members from countries eligible for a reduced fee get a reduction to 15 euro.

If you are eligible to such a reduced fee, please email our Membership Office at, attaching documentation for your student status or confirming your country of residence. After the Membership Office has processed your request, you will see the reduced fee below instead of the full fee, after which you can proceed to purchase your annual membership.

SKU Title Price Purchase
ehps-membership EHPS membership 75,00 €