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09. November 2014
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Past Conferences

2013 Bordeaux, France: Well-being, Quality of Life & Caregiving 
2012 Prague, Czech Republic: Resilience and Health                                                                                                                             2011 Crete, Greece: Engaging with Other Health Professions: Challenges and Perspectives
2010 Cluj, Romania: Health in context 
2009 Pisa, Italy: From Knowledge to Interventions 
2008 Bath, UK: Behaviour, Health & Healthcare: From Physiology to Policy 
2007 Maastricht, The Netherlands: Health Psychology and Society
2006 Warsaw, Poland: Social Change and New Challenges for Health Psychology
2005 Galway, Ireland: Enhancing Individual, Family & Community Health
2004 Helsinki, Finland: Good Health - Person and Context
2003 Island of Kos, Greece: Gender, Culture and Health
2002 Lisbon, Portugal: Health Through the Life Cycle: A Life Span Perspective
2001 St. Andrews, UK: Changing Behaviour: Health and Healthcare
2000 Leiden, The Netherlands: Models of Health and Illness Behaviour
1999 Florence, Italy: Psychology and the Renaissance of Health
1998 Vienna, Austria: Prevention and Intervention
1997 Bordeaux, France: Personality, Coping and Health
1996 Dublin, Ireland: Making a Difference: Health Psychology and Chronic Disease
1995 Bergen, Norway: The Social Dimension in Health
1994 Alicante, Spain: Health Psychology and Quality of Life
1993 Brussels, Belgium: Psychological Theories and Healthy Practices
1992 Leipzig, Germany: Health Psychology in a Changing Europe
1991 Lausanne, Switzerland: Health Psychology: Potential in Diversity
1990 Oxford, UK: European Health Psychology
1989 Utrecht, The Netherlands: Life-Styles and Health
1988 Trier, Germany: International Health Psychology Conference
1986 Tilburg, The Netherlands: International Expert conference on Health Psychology