Improving Health Through Work Design
J. Glaser1, A. Mueller
1University of Innsbruck, Institute of Psychology, Innsbruck
Aims and rationale: Acceleration and intensification of work is reflected by an increase of health problems of the work-forces (e.g., musculoskeletal problems, depression). Interventions to protect and improve work ability and health in organizations should reach beyond an individual improvement of health behaviour and resilience. Sustainable interventions should take approaches of psychological work design into account. We aim to advance knowledge and good practice of health-oriented work design interventions in different organizational contexts. All intervention studies are grounded in work and organizational psychology. Evaluation designs are longitudinal and controlled (intervention vs. control groups). Content: The four research groups bring together applied interdisciplinary work and have a common tradition in intervention research in different occupational settings. The presented five studies will • provide evidence for changes in psychosocial work characteristics and employee health due to different work design interventions • offer insights into intervention topics and processes in practice • discuss challenges and benefits of health-oriented work design Included studies: B. Lampert, M. Weigl & J. Glaser, Work-redesign and well-being in nursing homes for the elderly: a cross-sectional and controlled-intervention study; A. Müller, B. Heiden, F. Poppe, B. Herbig & P. Angerer, Successful ageing in hospital nursing by the efficient use of individual resources – results of an intervention based on the model of selection, optimization and compensation; M. Weigl, S. Hornung, J. Glaser & P. Angerer, Well-being effects of an intervention for work re-design in hospital doctors; B. Herbig & J. Glaser, Promoting creativity and health in knowledge work – development and evaluation of a participatory intervention; J. Glaser, A. Barrech, C. Seubert & H. Gündel, Reduction of job insecurity and health promotion through leadership training in a chemical industry.