The Systematic Literature Review Investigating Barriers to Uptake Cervical Cancer Screening.
A. Bukowska1, A. Luszczynska1,2, A. Januszewicz1
1Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poland
2University of Colorado, Trauma, Health & Hazards Center, Colorado Springs, USA
Background: Cervical cancer is a considerable public-health problem. A broad range of perceived barriers is related to cervical cancer screening (CCS; Tanner-Smith & Brown, 2010). It is important to conduct a summary of research on individual perceived barriers related to CCS uptake. Methods: The systematic literature review using the Cochrane Group methodology was conducted (Higgins i Green 2008). The following key words was used: cervical cancer, screening, pap, barriers, pros, cons, decisional balance and the combinations and consequently searched articles published in scientific journals between 1979 and 2011. Findings: Use the TREND criteria (Kmet, Lee i Cook, 2004) 6 systematic reviews, 7 experimental design studies, 52 cross-sectional and 2 longitudinal design studies were found. It was identified 54 different kind of barriers related to CCS uptake. Discussion: Most studies did not examine the role of age as a moderator for the content barriers. The cultural and ethnic differences should be investigated more as well.