Identification of Evidence Based Behaviour Change Techniques for use in a Paediatric Weight Management Mobile app Targeting Parents
K. Curtis1, S. Lahi1, K. Brown2, E. Karasouli3
1The University of Warwick, The Institute of Digital Healthcare
2The University of Coventry, The Applied Research Centre for Health & Lifestyle Interventions
3The University of Warwick, Warwick Medical School
Background: Commercial paediatric weight management apps are deficient in theory and behaviour change techniques (BCTs) and have ignored parent’s role in children’s weight related behaviours. Aim: Select appropriate BCTs for a paediatric weight management app targeting parents Methods: The Behaviour Change Wheel(BCW): A Guide to Designing behaviour change Interventions, guided consultations with experts, and focus groups with case workers and parents of overweight children. Focus groups were audio-recorded and transcribed to facilitate thematic coding of statements using the COM-B model. A literature review and the taxonomy of BCTs provided effective BCTs which were refined in interactive sessions with parents in regards to engagement and acceptability. Findings: Results indicated the need for balancing BCTs (e.g. goal setting, information on health consequences) with user engagement techniques (e.g. gamification, customisation, novelty) in the context of a digital environment. Discussion: This study demonstrates broader considerations health psychologists must consider in applying systematic approaches to developing effective mHealth interventions.