Health Behaviour in Children: Associations Between Children’s Self-report Data and Their Parents and Classmates Ratings
H. Eschenbeck1, S. Meier1, C.W. Kohlmann1
1University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
Self-other associations between children’s self-reports of health behaviours and ratings from their parents and their classmates were analyzed. Children’s health protective behaviours (road safety, sun safety, dental hygiene) and eating behaviours (unhealthy eating, healthy eating, bringing with school lunch) were assessed. Methods: In Study I for 305 children (45 % girls, class levels 3-5) self-report data and their parents’ ratings were assessed, in Study II for 84 pupils (45 % girls, class levels 5-6) self-report data were validated with their classmates’ ratings. In Study III for 487 children (49 % girls, class levels 3-6) self-reports as well as ratings from their parents and their classmates were included. Findings: The self-other correlations between the corresponding subscales were modest to high, ranging from r = .30 for dental hygiene to r = .69 for road safety and bringing with school lunch. Even if controlled for gender and age the ratings from parents and classmates remained significant predictors for all self-reported health behaviour subscales. Self-other consistencies and the implications for the assessment of health behaviours in children will be discussed.