Comparing the big Five Personality and Early Maladaptive Schemas in Patients With Celiac Disease and Healthy Controls
M. Hakami1, E. Danesh1, N. Barzegar1, H. Abady1
1Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Psychology, Karaj Branch, Karaj, Iran
This research performed with goal of comparison of five main factors of personality and basic incompatible plan at celiac patients and normal people. Research design was comparison–casual type and 108 patients (65 women and 43 men) and the same number of normal person from 4 universities of Nursing, Psychology, Literature and Accounting of Islamic Azad university of Karaj have been selected as a sample size. Both groups answered the brief five factors questionnaire about personality, Yang’s incompatible plan, and General health questionnaire. Results showed that from five main factors of personality, score of the psycho-lesion of the patient affected by the celiac was more than normal people. Also, patient’s scores at the basic incompatible plan (emotional baffling, lack of trust, fault, shame, social recluse, strangeness, attachment, inefficiency, vulnerability toward loss or sickness, not self-maturing, engaged, failure, fitness, modesty, self-denial, insufficient self-discipline, servitude, self–sacrifice, aggressive criteria, extreme criticize and emotional inhibition) in comparison with normal people were higher. Regarding the effect of the celiac sickness from basic incompatible plan for recovering the patients can use the psychological and educational courses and therapy plan at the recovering cognitive and emotional pattern of this patient.