Social Influences on Vaccination Decision Making: Exploring Research Possibilities
M. Hatoková1, R. Masaryk1
1Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Experimental Psychology
Background: Although policy of large-scale vaccination brought undeniable positive results, recent media attention on negative side-effects posed difficult decision-making dilemma to many parents. It leads to question which resources parents employ when making vaccination decisions. Method: In literature review, 15 most relevant quantitative and qualitative studies found via Ebsco and Science Direct were analyzed. Findings: Vaccination decision-making could be complex, posing cognitive and emotional strain and need to defend one's choice. Both vaccinating and non-vaccinating groups were found to lack relevant knowledge on the subject, describing the situation as “more question than answers”. Discussion: The topic of trust and disappointment seems to surface repeatedly. Health-care system is seen as neglecting individual specifics, and not capable of providing adequate answers to questions of vaccination safety. There appears a pressing need to seek more comprehensible and trustworthy ways of communicating benefits and risks of vaccination, and rebuilding trust. Data collection project in Slovakia would be designed based on this literature review. (VEGA Grant 2/0154/13)