Evidence Based Function Diagnosis of the Autonomous Nervous System - a new Approach to Healthiness
A. Lohninger1
1Autonom Health, Vienna, Austria
Non-communicable diseases caused 65.5 % deaths worldwide in 2010. These are the results of lifestyle and established chronic disease management. So new preventive concepts have to be found. Lifestyle interventions based on the findings of function diagnosis of the autonomous nervous system promise to enable health-conscious behaviour to any population group. In healthy people, the heart continuously reacts to stimuli with finely tuned “variations” of the heart beat. This so-called heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of an organism’s general adaptability and therefore a measure of disease and health as well. Transforming the data of a 24 hour measurement into a color prism, it visualizes numerical values in a “fire-like” spectrographic illustration – an intruiging, self-explanatory, easy-to- understand, engaging and emotional way of bio-psycho-socio-emotional feedback. Intuitively and rationally noticeable results of one’s personal physiological “fingerprint” establish understanding between therapist and client. As a screening-and evaluation-tool for disease and predisease states HRV is a reliable tool to proof and democratize the evidence of disease and health management.