Physical Activities and Their Influence on Personality of Seniors Over 75 Years.
M. A. Ségárd1, B. Hátlová1, T. Louková1, I. Wedlichová1
1University J. E. Purkyn? in Ústí nad Labem, Department of Psychology, Czech Republic
Background: The study deals with the influence of physical activity on personality of seniors. Methods: From 2007 to 2013 we conducted an individual examination of seniors over the age of 75 using the NEO FFI method. The study group consisted of 117 seniors, who were not diagnosed with dementia. The group was divided: 1. Members of the Czech Sokol Community. 2. People who regularly perform physical activity. 3. People who do not regularly perform physical activity. Findings and Discussion: Male participants of „Sokol“ (Czech sport club) had lower levels of neuroticism and openness and higher level of friendliness and knowledge. The degree of extroversion was comparable. In this group, we found a tendency for a high level of active management and live their lives according to their own ideas, which were confirmed. Regarding Sokol women, we found lower levels of extroversion, openness, and slightly higher neuroticism, agreeableness and consciousness. The measured values were similar group of women who regularly participate in any organized activities and do not exercise regularly. We believe that despite their age, women from these groups are actively involved in their lives.