Obesity in 3D: a Qualitative Comparison of General Practitioners, Dietitians and Nurses' Views About Obesity
F. Teixeira1, J.L. Pais-Ribeiro1, A. Maia2
1University of Porto, Portugal
2University of Minho, Portugal
Background: Healthcare providers don't seem to be taking the issue of obesity as seriously as they should. Quantitative studies are criticized for insufficient comprehension of this phenomenon. This qualitative study aimed to understand the beliefs, attitudes, practices and treatment role about obesity of Portuguese general practitioners, nurses and dietitians in primary care setting. Method: Semi-structured interviews were conducted and data was analyzed according to Thematic analysis procedures. Findings: The main themes indicate that all groups hold negative beliefs and attitudes towards obese. General practitioners lack successes, feel frustrated, have low expectations of efficacy and are negative about their role in the treatment. Nutritionists and nurses demonstrate an active role and perceived themselves as being able to positively modify obese motivation. However, the change process is described as a constant struggle with the patients. There seems to exist communication problems between the three groups. Discussion: Knowledge about treatment options and communications skills should be improved and a bigger emphasis should be put on a multidisciplinary approach to obesity.