The Happiness Indicator
R. Veenhoven1
1Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
The happiness indicator is a combination of a self-help website and a long-term follow-up study. Participants get an e-mail every month wit a link to a webpage on which they rate how happy they feel right now and during the last month. They get instant feedback on difference with the happiness of comparable people and change in their happiness over time. Participants can also complete the Happiness Diary' on which they record their activities of the previous day and rate how happy they have felt during each of these. They get instant feedback on how their time use and experience differs from comparable people. The happiness indicator is developed in the Netherlands as a joint project of health insurance company VGZ and Erasmus University Rotterdam. To date the site has attracted some 75000 participants of which about half on a regular basis. An English language Beta version is available at Uses for health promotion and follow-up research are discussed. Participation from colleagues in other countries is welcomed.