The Relationship of School Anxiety and High iq Abilities in Children
T. Abrahamyan1, I. Khanamiryan1
1Yerevan State University (YSU)
Children with high abilities could have emotional and behavioral instability. This can cause problems while adapting at transitional conditions or disadaptation in middle school. The aim of the research is to find out relationships between school anxiety features and high abilities. Abilities were measured by Raven's Progressive Matrices, and school anxiety was assessed by R. Philips's school anxiety test. Participants were divided into two groups: children with high abilities- G1 and children with average abilities - G2. T-test was used for statistics. 34 students(age- 11-13) from middle school were enrolled. G1 had high school anxiety level (75% and higher by R. Philips's test), especially at the scale of "Experiences of social stress", "Fear of self expression" and "The fear of situation of knowledge testing". G2 had an average and lower levels of school anxiety(low that 50% by R. Philips's test). G1 had higher level of school anxiety, than G2. (p<0.05). Study shows the relationship between high abilities and school anxiety. The main contribution for school organization is the plan for individual education for high developed children and educational program for teachers.