Does the Satisfaction of Basic Psychological Needs Protect Against Unhealthy Internet Use?
J. Benka1, O. Orosova1, B. Gajdosova1, M. Bacikova-Sleskova1
1PJ Safarik University, Department of Educational Psychology and Health Psychology, Slovakia
Background: This study used the Self-determination theory to explore whether basic psychological needs satisfaction (BPN) has a protective role against unhealthy internet use. Methods: The sample of 237 (75% women) first year university students completed questionnaires on generalized problematic internet use (GPIU), perceived stress (PS) and BPN (autonomy, competence, relatedness) on two occasions over a one year period. Linear regression models were built to explore the relationship between PS, BPN and GPIU as well as to test the potential moderating role of BPN. Findings: The BPN relatedness at T2 was negatively associated with GPIU (?=-0.156; p?0.05). Further, PS at the baseline and its increase during the year served as significant predictors of GPIU at T2 (?=0.310 p?0.001; ?=0.153 p?0.05). However, evidence for the moderating effect of BSN was not detected. Discussion: In line with the assumptions, PS and low satisfaction with relationships was found to be directly related to GPIU although further research is needed to identify moderating protective factors.