How to Reduce the Psychological Impact of the Announcement of Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant in Hematologic Malignancy ?
C. Deratte1, W. Houllé1, L. Gilibert1, M.L. Costantini1
1Université de Lorraine, EA 4360 APEMAC - Equipe de Psychologie de la Santé de Metz, France
Background: Breaking bad news to patients with hematologic malignancy produce a traumatic outcome on the patient’s quality of life. This study focused on the announcement of allogeneic bone marrow transplant (ABMT) and on the real-life experience of patients and haematologists about this event in order to reduce the psychic impact of this medical care. Methods: participants: 5 patients and 4 haematologists; data collection: semi-directive interviews; data analysis: Grounded Theory and clinical analysis (qualitative approach). Find.: themes developed: 1.Patients: Patients’ real-life experience when receiving the diagnosis, hearing the possibility of a transplant and the risk of recurrences; Perception of its relationship with the doctor, communication elements and content of the announcements; Beliefs, psychic resistances, coping strategies and anguishes about ABMT /2.Haematologists: announcement of hematologic malignancies diagnosis and recurrences; presentation of the ABTM;… Discuss.: Haematologists must explore patients’ beliefs and anguishes about the transplant and patients’ use of defence mechanisms and coping strategies, to reduce their anxiety before and after the surgery.