Perception of Health Evolution Within Occupational Activities for Nurses
F.Fasseur1, M. Santiago-Delefosse1
1University of Lausanne, Health Psychology Research Center (CERPSA), Switzerland
In occupational health psychology, perception of health is studied mainly through single time data collection. However, perception of health is a psychological developmental experience linked to the unpredictable professional context that may be revealed by longitudinal methods. Semi-structured interviews conducted with 7 female nurses from 28 to 50 years old in a 2-steps design explore the evolution of health perception connected to occupational health. Using phenomenological psychology data analysis (Giorgi), results from thematic content analysis of the second interviews evidence that participants debrief their health perception evolution between T1 and T2 as a positive experience influencing their life in a healthy way. Self-awareness of endangering situations and development of systematic safer work behaviours, disclosure of unknown resources, collective team supporting strategies or decision/possibility of professional change are themes connected positively with a perception of better health and motivation. In terms of prevention of occupational disease and clinical interventions, these results advocate in favour of longitudinal approaches in occupational health psychology.