Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management and Rumination With Students.
A. Gauchet1
1University of Grenoble, France
Objective : Students in last year of psychology could have lot of stress, anxiety, rumination and reduced quality of life. Many research studies showed that CBSM (cognitive behavioral stress management) reduce stress, rumination and also enhance quality of life. This research developps CBSM technique for students. Method : A 2-days group cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention has been tested among 25 students, following them for 4 months after recruitment. This group has been compared to a control group (25 students also). Quality of life has been evaluated by questionnaire and we have also assessed change in stress (PSS) since trial enrollment, anxiety (HADS) and rumination (Mini-CERTS). Results : CBSM intervention learns to patients what is stress, coping, cognitive distorsions and rational thought replacement, social support and assertiveness. Results show that intervention group has less stress, anxiety and rumination than control group. Conclusion : This intervention reduce stress, anxiety and rumination for students. We would like to developp this technique in France to other population.