The Role of Condom use Skills Development Techniques in Condom Promotion Interventions – a Systematic Review
M. Glowacka1, C.A. Graham1
1University of Southampton, School of Psychology, United Kingdom
This review explored the role of technical condom use skills development techniques in improving consistent, correct and complete condom use, and reducing sexually transmitted infection (STI) incidence. The optimal mode of delivery for specific techniques was explored. Electronic databases, reference lists and citations search located 18 relevant studies (21 conditions). Supplemental materials were acquired. Narrative synthesis was chosen to analyse the findings. Demonstration, practice, and self-monitoring were amongst components of interventions reporting increased condom use frequency and consistency and improved correct condom use. Together with home practice and behavioural experiment they contributed to reducing condom use errors and problems and improving condom use experience. No links were found between specific techniques and condom use self-efficacy or STIs incidence. Guided individual practice was superior to practice in a group setting. The review findings help to elucidate the factors and processes responsible for behaviour change. They may guide evaluation and design of interventions aiming to improve consistent, complete, and correct condom use.