Comparing Family Performance Component Between Patients Suffering and not Suffering From Tension Headache
M. Hakami1, M. Borjali1, S. Akhavan1
1Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Psychology, Karaj Branch, Karaj, Iran
This research was casual – comparative and The purpose of this study was to compare the components of family Functioning in family of patients with Tension-type headaches and patients without Tension type headache. The sample size in this study was 120 patients (including two groups with and without tension headache) who referred to headache clinic and public center of Baghiat Allah in 1392. The first group was selected by Convenience sampling method and the second group was selected randomly. For data collecting we used family functioning device (FAD) and for data analysis t-test and MANOVA analysis was performed. The results showed that there is a significant difference between family functioning in patients with tension-type headache and patients without tension headache totally. Also results showed that there is significantly difference between two groups in factors of problem solving, Communication, affective responsiveness, affective involvement, behavior control, and general functioning. we can conclude that one of the factors that causing or maintaining family functioning is tension-type headaches.