Emotional and Psychophysiological Reactivity to Cognitive Stressor of Individuals Having Type a Behavior Pattern
G. Jarasiunaite1, A. Perminas1
1Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
The aim of the study was to evaluate emotional and psychophysiological reactivity to cognitive stressor of individuals having type A behavior pattern. 100 undergraduate students (50 type A and 50 type B) participated in a study. Attention concentration ABQ test was used as a stressor. The participants were asked to perform ABQ test while given 3 different situations: when giving basic instructions, when giving the instructions with time limitations and stimulus to compete and when criticizing while doing the task. Psychophysiological reactivity to stressors was measured using biofeedback device Nexus-10 by Mind Media. Emotional reactivity during the performances of the tasks was evaluated using Emotional Assessment Scale. The results of the study showed that type A individuals had higher psychophysiological reactivity to cognitive stressor than individuals having type B behavior pattern and they felt more negative emotions during the task. The findings explain one of the possible mechanisms why type A individuals are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease.