Women´s Developmental Processes Within the Framework of Multi-family-therapy:The Role of Sense of Coherence and Coping
K. Klappstein1,2
1University Flensburg, Health psychology and health promotion, Germany
2Westküstenklinikum Heide, Hospital of Child and youth psychiatry, Germany
Background: Everyday life with a child with behavioral problems is associated with stressors for women. Multi-family-therapy (MFT) stimulates a therapeutic process for developing coping strategies. Considering own and child-related bonding experiences and personal and social resources the study examines the developmental processes of women in relation to coping strategies and SOC. Methods: 16 women were interviewed pre-/post-therapy using semi-structured interviews. The interviews were transcribed and analysed by using a grounded theory approach. Results: Preliminary results of the study show positive change of perceived self-efficacy and sense of meaningfulness. The confidence factor changed from “hope in the success of the experts” (pre) to “trust in their own abilities” (post). By the solution-oriented approach of the MFT, positive bonding experiences are recalled and changed the relationship between mother and child. Discussion: MFT seems to enhance sense of coherence and coping skills in mothers of children with behavioral problems.