The Effects Mindfulness in Behavioral Inhibition System (bis) and Behavioral Activation System (bas) in Patients With Diabet
F. Mohammadi Shirmahalleh, Z. Mohammadi, M. Hosseinzadeh Taghvaie
this study examined the effect of mindfullness in Gray`s behavioral activation system(BIS) and behavioral activation system(BAS) in patients with diabet. 55 patients were selected through accessible sampling method . the present research is a semi-experimental study with pre-test ,post-test and follow up .we measured BIS and BAS before and immediately after ,and then 3 months after an 8-week training program mindfulness was analyzed using ANCOVA/reapeated Measure Design. the findings of this study indicated the significant differences between groups after intervention and the effect of therapy was permanent after follow-up period. these finding demonstrate that a short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on BIS and BAS system . keywords: mindfullness ,behavioral activation system(BIS) ,behavioral activation system(BAS) , diabet.