Pain and Social Activity in Colorectal Cancer PATIENTS.
V. Nikolov1, M. Petkova1
1Trakia University, Faculty of Medicine, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Background: Colorectal cancer is among leading causes of cancer related deaths in men and women in many countries. This investigation was carried out to examine the contribution of pain to decreased social activity in colorectal cancer patients. Thirty two (32) patients were examined. The mean age of patients was 64.1 years (SD = 10.6), 56% were male, 52% did not know their cancer diagnosis which was related to colon (42%) and rectum (58%). The second research group consisted of twenty eight (28) patients with chronic low back pain. All patients were assessed based on clinical standards (physical examination, laboratory results, histological diagnosis and analysis of medical records). The methods used were Visual Analogue Scales (VAS), Cold pressure test, standardized interviews and self-questionnaires – Back Depression Inventory and State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults. 29 patients experienced pronounced anxiety because of their pain and 23 patients expressed depressive pain-associated symptoms. We found significant differences between cancer and non-cancer groups in level of functional activity decreasing especially mental functioning and social activities.