Relations Between Personality Dimensions and Social Sharing of Emotions: the Example of the Painful Experience
A. O’Reilly1, J. Cabral1, N. Cantisano1, S. Callahan1
1University of Toulouse II Le Mirail, France
Background: The relationship between the experience of pain and its emotional expression has been previously demonstrated. The present study explored the associations between the experience of pain, the social sharing of emotions (SSE) linked to the painful experience and personality. Methods: 230 laypersons (165 women and 65 men) with an average age of 31 years (20-65; SD = 11.5) were invited to recall a recent (within 3 months) painful experience. Questionnaires assessed quantitative and qualitative aspects of the SSE related to this experience, as well as personality factors. Findings: The quality of SSE showed significant correlations with the following personality factors: extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. In a multiple regression analysis these personality factors explain 11% of the variance concerning the interpersonal quality of the SSE F(3.226)=9.6; p < 0.001. Discussion: Along with previous research showing the crucial role of positive social interactions and well-being, these findings gather further information when it comes to the role played by personality in individuals’ perception of such interactions. Further research should examine this matter in chronic pain patients.