University Student’s Images and Knowledge of the Elderly: Relation With Recognition to Grandparents and Parents
Y. Okumura1, J.Kuze2
1Tezukayama University, Japan
2Nihon Fukushi University, Japan
Background: In Aged society, smooth exchange between generations is expected. In this study, relations of images and knowledge to the elderly, and feeling of consideration to grandparents and parents in developmental process were examined. Methods: Scores of image factors (integrity and tenderness, activeness, maturity and positiveness, extracted with a principal factor analysis) and knowledge of 183 university students were compared with two-way ANOVA at pre-post of lecture of Aging psychology and between groups according to recognition to grandparents and parents. Findings: Main effects of pre-post were significant in integrity and tenderness, positiveness, and knowledge (post >pre). Main effects of groups were significant in integrity and tenderness, maturity, and positiveness (to grandparents and parents > to grandparents or parents, or to neither). Discussion: Although knowledge was acquired through lecture regardless of recognition to grandparents and parents, change of images were different according to recognition. The affirmative recognition formed with consideration attitudes of grandparents and parents promotes understanding in various sides of the elderly.