Positive Revaluation of a Stressful Situation as a Basis for the Personal Activity and Well-being
T. Pilishvili
Background: Activity becomes especially important by periods of personal choice. It was hypothesized that the positive stressful situation revaluation at the level of appraisal-behavioral activity component is associated with proactive coping, while passive behavior - with negative feelings. Methods: There were used the following Russian adapted diagnostic techniques: The Motive-enactment Test(J. Kuhl),Cognitive Orientation(J. Rotter),Indicator Strategies (D. Amirkhan), Motivation to Success ( T. Ehlers), Motivation to Avoid Failure (T. Ehlers), The Coping Strategies Inventory (R. Lazarus), Identification of Individual Coping Strategies (E. Heim), Picture Frustration Test (S. Rosenzweig). To study the personal activity 228 Russian students, 19-23 years old were engaged. For processing the empirical data there were used X2 Pearson, tt-test, correlation and factor analysis. Discussion: Presented study (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow) shows: subjects actively cope with stress tend to solve the problem, motivated by the success of their own activities, can emotionally distance themselves from the source of stress, that lead to improved life quality and well-being.