Benson Relaxation Response Technique - Study of Effect and Process of Learning
K. Reschke1, N. Gomes1, C. Telle1
1Universitšt Leipzig, Germany
Background Herbert Benson described the relaxation response technique as a mindfulness based breathing technique. Two studies aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the method in terms of relaxation success and process variables. Method In two studies we proved the effects of a ten week/ ten group sessions learning programme of relaxation response technique and measured the effects pre - post and post two in an ranomized controlled design. The variables came from standardized stress and relaxation questionnaires and process measurments (TICS, SVF, KUSTA). Group sample size are Treatment Group n=30 and control group n=30. Results & Discussion The method shows clear positive relaxation results in effect measures and process-measures and develop the ability to relax of 80 % of the parcipants (VEV).The easy to teach and to learn method is recommanded for german health promotion programmes. The resluts