Living With Cystic Fibrosis (CF): a Brief Psychological Intervention to Increase Self-Management
U. Smrekar1,2, A. Schartner1, K. Saxl1, M. Platter1, S. Rainer2, I. Wallner2, H. Ellemunter2
1Medical University Innsbruck, Department of Medical Psychology, Innsbruck, Austria
2Medical University Innsbruck, Cystic Fibrosis Centre, Innsbruck Austria
Background: CF affects multiple body systems and requires complex and time-consuming daily care: chest therapy, medication and enzyme intake, nutritional monitoring and sports. Despite the importance of health, many CF patients struggle with the high level of adherence required. To support patients with advanced stages of illness in their therapy management , an intervention programme focussed on nutritional issues based on the Health Action Process Model was developed. Methods: The intervention includes goal setting, individual and detailed action plan, identifying and breaking down barriers. Since August 2013 nine inpatients (7 f/2 m; 13.6 yrs - 25.9 yrs.) were selected and participated. Up to now eight patients were re-evaluated (after 3 months), regarding appraisal of personal profit and medical outcome. The CF care team with its specific expertise was involved in the process Findings: All patients reached personal goals, their medical outcome (BMI und FEV 1) showed improvement or stabilization. Discussion: Cases investigated show that the intervention might be effective and applicable to increase self-management in CF patients over 16. Younger participants are more responsive to external reinforcement. Due to the complexity of treatment, involvement of the CF-care team was decisive in generating high-quality plans, even for this experienced and well-educated patient group.