Predict Physical Well – Being After Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplantation Based on Demographiccharacteristics in Patients With Acute Leukaemia
S. Sodagar, M. Taghvaie, M. Bahrami, F. Jomehri, F. Meschi
The purpose of the study is to predict physical well – being of post – allogenic BMT patients based on demographic characteristics (economic status, occupational status, marriage status and gender). Methods: This study is correlation. Statistical universe is all of the patients with acute leukaemia ages 18 – 45 years who have allogenic BMT conditions .Pre – allogenic BMT data were gathered on 58 patients (38 men and 20 women) ages 18 – 45 years selected during 13 months via census procedure. Demographic characteristics patients were studied before allogenic BMT by questionnaire then , physical well – being of the subjects were assessed after one , two and three months post – allogenic BMT by CBC test .It was analyzed using univariate and multivariate analysis in general line model . Results: results showed that there was no significant relation between variables in multivariate analysis .But, in univariate analysis, there was significant relation between occupational status and white blood cell (WBC) in the second months post – allogenic BMT. So, occupational status could predict physical well – being after allogenic BMT. Key words: physical well – being, allogenic bone marrow transplantation, demographic characteristics and acute leukaemia