On the Road Again: the Impact of an Exercise Intervention on Wellbeing in a Clinical Sample: Preliminary Results.
J.C. Walsh1, T. Corbett1
1National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Background: There is significant evidence for the impact of exercise programmes on mental and physical health, including individuals with mental health difficulties. On The Road Again is a personal development programme designed to deliver such a programme to vulnerable individuals. Methods: Baseline data was collected for 31 participants, follow-up data was collected for 12 at half-way point in programme (i.e. after 12 weeks of a running programme 3 times a week) Results: Results indicated that over half participants had BMI’s above 25 (i.e. overweight or obese). Sixty percent reported that they been diagnosed with anxiety, depression or both and 50% of participants did not rate their health as good. Follow-up data suggest that Social Support has increased from Time 1 (M= 12.31) to Time 2 (M= 16.46), t(12)= (-2.21, p<.05), fitness has increased (resting pulse) (M= 72.19 at T1, M= 68.13 at T2), t(15)=2.18, p=0.05). Positive trends were observed in exercise, self-efficacy and physical functioning. Discussion: Preliminary results indicate positive mental and physical effects of a physical fitness programme in a clinically vulnerable population. Implications are discussed.