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Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) Resilience During Adolescence: Conceptual Structure and Intervention Opportunities Abstract   HTML
A. Field , A. Francis , S.Xenos
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) 'It Makes a Difference, Coming Here': a Qualitative Exploration of Barriers and Facilitators to Clinic Attendance Among Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Abstract   HTML
L. Hynes , M. Byrne , S. Dinneen , B. McGuire , M.C. O’Hara , M. O’Donnell , D. Casey
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) 10-Minute Interventions on Diet, Exercise, Hand Hygiene, and Dental Flossing in 4 Countries Abstract   HTML
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Counterbalanced Comparison Study Between a Time-contingent Smartphone Application and an Event-contingent Estimated Snack Diary Abstract   HTML
S. Wouters , V. Thewissen , M. Duif , L. Lechner , N. Jacobs
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Critical Review of Social-Psychological Models of Modifiable Determinants of Travel Mode Choices Abstract   HTML
C. Hoffmann , C. Abraham , M. White , S. Skippon
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A cue to Eating: Social and Biological Influences on Eating Behavior Abstract   HTML
G. Sproesser , B. Renner
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Field Experiment of Diet Priming for Changing Unhealthy Eating Habits Abstract   HTML
S. Ohtomo
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A French Study on Factors That Hinder or Facilitate Cancer Patients’ Coodination of Care. Abstract   HTML
C. Moreaux , S. Lelorain , H. Bricout , F. Weitgertner , V. Christophe
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Good Start? Structural Approaches to Improving Perinatal Maternal Health Abstract   HTML
B. Wimmer-Puchinger , A. Beurle , J. Raunig
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Healthy Diet is Associated With an Attentional Bias Towards Low-calorie Food Stimuli Abstract   HTML
A. Meule , T. Gründel , M. Mayerhofer , P. Platte
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Longitudinal Study of Quality of Life Among Lung Cancer Patients: the Role of Cognitive Predictors in Post-surgery Adaptation Abstract   HTML
I. Pawlowska , K. Zarychta , A. Ruszczynska
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Matter of Perspective: Reappraisal as a Tactic to Regulate Caloric Intake Abstract   HTML
C. Evers , M. Adriaanse , F. Kroese , D. de Ridder
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Person-centered Approach to Depression Symptoms Trajectories in Myocardial Infarction Survivors: a 6-year Follow-up Study Abstract   HTML
A. Kroemeke
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Prospective Study of Goal-related Coping in Early-stage Breast Cancer Patients Abstract   HTML
N. Stefanic , P. Caputi , D. Iverson , L. Lane
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Qualitative Analysis of the Importance of Work in the Sustenance of Psychological Health & Well-being. Abstract   HTML
A. Monk , M. Cahill
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Qualitative Approach to Psychological Determinant of the “patient Delay” for Head and Neck Cancers Abstract   HTML
C. Duthilleul , F. Vallet , J.L. Lefebvre , V. Christophe
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Qualitative Exploration of Beliefs About Walking Exercise Therapy for Intermittent Claudication Abstract   HTML
M.N. Galea Holmes , J.A. Weinman , L.M. Bearne
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Qualitative Exploration of Men's Strategies for Preserving Emotional Well-being in Advanced Prostate Cancer Abstract   HTML
A. Levy , T. Cartwright
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Qualitative Study of Supporting Lifestyle Behaviour Change in Psoriasis Patients – are Practitioners READY? Abstract   HTML
P.A. Nelson , L. Cordingley , C. Keyworth , A. Chisholm , C.J. Pearce , C.E.M. Griffiths , C. Bundy
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Randomized Controlled Trial to Promote Volunteering in Older Adults Abstract   HTML
L.M. Warner , J.K. Wolff , J.P. Ziegelmann , S. Wurm
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A South African Perspective on Caring for Family Members who Sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury Abstract   HTML
C. Pretorius , M. Broodryk
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Systematic Review of Intervention Studies Using Health Action Process Approach (HAPA) Model Components to Prevent and Manage Chronic Diseases Abstract   HTML
J.R. Smith , N.J. Murray , C. Greaves , L. Hooper , C. Abraham
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Systematic Review of School-based Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Interventions Among Older Adolescents Abstract   HTML
S.-T. Hynynen , M.M. van Stralen , F.F. Sniehotta , W. Hardeman , V. Araujo-Soares , M.J.M. Chinapaw , T. Vasankari , N. Hankonen
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Systematic Review of Stair Climbing Interventions Abstract   HTML
L. Yun , C. A. Jennings , E.-Y. Lee , W.K. Mummery
Vol. 16 Supp. (2014) A Taxonomy of Health Behaviors Abstract   HTML
G. Nudelman , S. Shiloh
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