General Perception of Diabetes, Social Support and Outcome Expectancies Related to Adherence Among People With Type 2 Diabetes


  • B. Suri
  • O.Tariq


Background: Diabetes is a chronic disorder and requires life style changes which include diet, medication, exercise, regular check-ups, social support and adherence to the regime instructed by health care providers. This study aimed to examine general perceptions of diabetes, related social support and outcome expectancies in relation to adherence among type 2 diabetes patients. Method: A cross-sectional survey recruited 100 diabetes patients from Government Hospitals. The Multidimensional Diabetes Questionnaire and Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities were used. Findings: General perceptions of diabetes, social support and outcome expectancies were positively related to adherence. General perceptions and outcome expectancies predicted levels of adherence. No gender differences were found for general perceptions, social support, outcome expectancy and subsections of adherence except for smoking with males more likely to smoke. Discussion: The findings highlight the importance of counselling and education to aid adherence to treatment recommendations for diabetes patients attending hospital clinics.