Social Support and (chronic) Pain: its Impact Upon Well-being and Psychosocial Functioning Across the Life-span


  • Liesbet Goubert
  • Ghent University
  • Henri Dunantlaan 2
  • 9000 Gent
  • Belgium; E-mail: Liesbet.


Aims: This symposium highlights the role of social support (SS) on (chronic) pain (CP) across the life-span, involving a range of life dimensions, e.g., school functioning, relational quality and functional autonomy. It will also stir up the discussion on the implications of a life-span perspective for SS interventions to promote pain patients’ quality of life and well-being. Rationale: CP often has a huge toll on individuals’ well-being and SS may play a pivotal role in protecting and promoting it. The role of SS has been under-investigated in the context of pain, especially from a life-span perspective. Summary and Timetable: The first two presentations (P1 & P2) will explore the role of SS on child/adolescent pain; P1 shows the buffering role of teachers’ SS on the adverse effects of pain severity on school functioning and P2 describes desire for, frequency and characteristics of peer SS of teenagers with CP. P3 & P4 explore the role of SS on (older) adults’ pain; P3 explores the association between a partner’s motivation to provide SS and relational quality and well-being; finally, P4 highlights the role of formal SS on the promotion of functional autonomy of elders in pain.