Investigating health professionals' experiences of South Asian patients' adherence to self-management with type 2 diabetes


  • T. Patel
  • L. Newson
  • U. Kanayo
  • H. Poole


Background: British South Asians continue to experience a surplus Type 2 diabetes risk, and health professionals play an important role in facilitating diabetes self-management. Although numerous qualitative studies have explored health professionals views regarding diabetes care generally, there is a paucity of research exploring their views on diabetes management in South Asian patients specifically. This study aimed to explore health professional’s perceptions, knowledge and their experiences of South Asian patients' adherence to self-management with Type 2 diabetes. Methods: Fourteen semi-structured interviews were conducted with health professionals who support Type 2 diabetes patients in the North West of England (Bolton, Preston, and Blackburn). Transcripts were analysed using Grounded theory methodology. Findings: The emerging model incorporated themes relating to inadequate culture-specific training, and misconceptions regarding South Asian culture in general and with respect to diabetes care in particular. In other words, health professional’s lack of culture-specific education seemed to affect their perceptions and interactions with South Asian diabetes patients. Discussion: This data highlights the need for additional information and education to inform health professionals and address any cultural misconceptions. Therefore, they can more appropriately support South Asian patients in diabetes self-management.





Oral presentations