The Systematic Literature Review Investigating Barriers to Uptake Cervical Cancer Screening.


  • A. Bukowska
  • A. Luszczynska
  • A. Januszewicz


Background: Cervical cancer is a considerable public-health problem. A broad range of perceived barriers is related to cervical cancer screening (CCS; Tanner-Smith & Brown, 2010). It is important to conduct a summary of research on individual perceived barriers related to CCS uptake. Methods: The systematic literature review using the Cochrane Group methodology was conducted (Higgins i Green 2008). The following key words was used: cervical cancer, screening, pap, barriers, pros, cons, decisional balance and the combinations and consequently searched articles published in scientific journals between 1979 and 2011. Findings: Use the TREND criteria (Kmet, Lee i Cook, 2004) 6 systematic reviews, 7 experimental design studies, 52 cross-sectional and 2 longitudinal design studies were found. It was identified 54 different kind of barriers related to CCS uptake. Discussion: Most studies did not examine the role of age as a moderator for the content barriers. The cultural and ethnic differences should be investigated more as well.






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