Identification of Evidence Based Behaviour Change Techniques for use in a Paediatric Weight Management Mobile app Targeting Parents


  • K. Curtis
  • S. Lahi
  • K. Brown
  • E. Karasouli


Background: Commercial paediatric weight management apps are deficient in theory and behaviour change techniques (BCTs) and have ignored parent’s role in children’s weight related behaviours. Aim: Select appropriate BCTs for a paediatric weight management app targeting parents Methods: The Behaviour Change Wheel(BCW): A Guide to Designing behaviour change Interventions, guided consultations with experts, and focus groups with case workers and parents of overweight children. Focus groups were audio-recorded and transcribed to facilitate thematic coding of statements using the COM-B model. A literature review and the taxonomy of BCTs provided effective BCTs which were refined in interactive sessions with parents in regards to engagement and acceptability. Findings: Results indicated the need for balancing BCTs (e.g. goal setting, information on health consequences) with user engagement techniques (e.g. gamification, customisation, novelty) in the context of a digital environment. Discussion: This study demonstrates broader considerations health psychologists must consider in applying systematic approaches to developing effective mHealth interventions.






Oral presentations