Effects of an Interactive School-based Program to Prevent Adolescent Sexual Harassment. a Cluster Randomized Controlled Evaluation Study.


  • G. de Lijster
  • H.Felten
  • P. Kocken
  • G. Kok


Purpose of this research was to gain insight in the effectiveness of Benzies & Batchies (B&B), a school-based program aimed at prevention of sexual harassment behavior (SHB) at Dutch schools for preparatory secondary vocational education (girls and boys; 12-16 years). B&B consisted of a peer-performed theatre play followed by a group discussion and a training aimed at skills and resilience based on the prototype willingness model. Cluster randomized control trial (EG = 14 schools/431 students; CG = 11 schools/384 students); baseline (T0), post-test (T1), 6 month follow-up (T2)). Students filled out questionnaires on SHB and behavioral determinants. Multilevel analysis were conducted. Significant effect on social norm at T1 and T2 in the EG with regard to rejecting SHB (?=.26 en ?=.28; p<.05 resp.); significant effect on self-efficacy in succeeding to reject SHB and less intention to commit SHB at T1 (?=.23; p<.05 and ?=.29; p<.01 resp.). At T2 students in the EG showed a significantly higher sexual self-esteem (?=.34; p<.001). No significant effects on behavior at T2. Students and teachers appreciated the program. Further promotion and implementation of B&B is recommended.






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