Using Smartphone-based Applications (apps) in Occupational Health: Developing a new Concept for Practical use


  • A. Dunkl
  • P. Jiménez


Background: Smartphone-based applications (apps) become increasingly popular when it comes to individual health. A link between these apps and occupational health can be seen as an innovative approach to raise motivation and participation in occupational health projects. The aim of our study is to investigate, how apps can be implemented in an occupational health project. Method: Two studies were conducted: First, 438 Austrian and German leaders were asked about their opinion of using apps in occupational health. Second, a pilot study was conducted in a medium-sized enterprise, where the process of including an app in an occupational health project was constantly evaluated. Findings: Among other results, study I shows that 33% of German and Austrian leaders would like to use an app in occupational health programs and see its main benefits in getting an instant feedback or advice. Study II shows the effects of the app in different phases of the project. Discussion: Our study can be seen as a first step in the direction of creating innovative occupational health projects with apps.






Oral presentations