Innovative ideas in online computer-tailoring


  • E. Smit
  • D. de Ruijter
  • F. Naughton
  • H. Nguyen
  • M. Altendorf
  • C. Hoving


Aims This symposium will present several innovative ideas on online computer-tailored interventions for health behaviour change. It includes a study that aims to extend research on the effectiveness of the method, by applying it to different target groups (ie, health professionals). Furthermore, the symposium comprises several studies on the development of novel computer-tailoring strategies, intended to increase the method’s effectiveness (ie, context tailoring, message frame tailoring and mode tailoring). Rationale The symposium fits perfectly within this year’s conference theme of ‘Innovative ideas in health psychology’ for two main reasons. First, online computer-tailoring has been proven to be an effective and cost-effective method for health behaviour change. Research on novel applications will yield a larger reach of the method, ultimately resulting in a larger impact on health. Second, the effect sizes of online computer-tailored intervention – albeit positive – remain rather small. This stresses the importance of identifying novel tailoring strategies that may increase the effectiveness of the method. Summary The symposium will start with an overview of the current knowledge on online computer-tailoring, thereby providing a rationale for the studies that will be presented (Eline Smit). Subsequently, four oral presentations will be given. The first concerns the application of online computer-tailoring to health professionals (Dennis de Ruijter). The second presentation concerns the novel computer-tailoring strategy of context-tailoring (Felix Naughton). The third presentation will be about the innovative idea of message frame tailoring (Maria Altendorf), and the fourth presentation concerns the strategy of mode tailoring (Hao Nguyen). The symposium will end with an overview of the main issues raised, and a general discussion of the topic that will be facilitated by an audience-engaging activity (Ciska Hoving).