Tailored eHealth methods: innovations and cost-effectiveness


  • H. de Vries
  • S. Hors Fraile
  • J.M. Martinez Montilla
  • M. Karekla
  • A. Luszczynska
  • K.L. Cheung


Computer tailoring is an approach by which individuals will receive very personalized information about their health behaviors and motivation to motivate people to adopt health behavior. During the last decades several studies have shown that this method can result in effective and cost-effective effects. During this symposium we will present the results of several studies in which certain innovations and/or new applications are tested. Santiago Hors Fraile will explain how principles of recommender systems and tailored eHealth can be combined in order to provide optimal estimations on which messages need to be sent to the receiver. Jose Manuel Martinez Montilla will describe how tailored eHealth principles can be applied for developing a school based program aimed at the prevention of binge drinking. Maria Karekla will present the results of a program utilizing gamification principles to prevent eating disorders. Hein de Vries will discuss the results of two programs on alcohol, one effective program for adolescents to prevent binge drinking using gamification, and one for pregnant women to motivate them not to drink during pregnancy. The latter program also was compared to a new health counseling protocol used by midwifes.Kei Long Cheung will discuss the effectiveness of Dutch e&mHealth programs on smoking cessation and its cost-effectiveness. Aleksandra Luszczynska will discuss the findings and provide recommendations for future research and application of the results for practice.