Relations Between Obesity and Internet Dependence in Students Living in University Dormitories


  • S. Guclu
  • R.S. Tabak
  • I. Tutuncu
  • F. Yilmaz


Along with the technological developments, today’s life conditions make people more ponderous. Calories taken more than consumption and hypo-active living cause the increases in both body-fat and obesity. This global danger has become an important threat particularly for university students. This study was planned and conducted to reveal the possible relations between obesity and internet dependence in students living in university dormitories. Results from 290 students with an age range of 18-35 years showed that students’ body-mass-indexes become higher as their internet dependence levels increased. While 82,1% of the students stated that they used internet by their mobile phones, 50,3% of the students have been using internet for more than 7 years. Internet dependence levels were found significantly higher among the students who did not employ a regular nutrition regime, skipped meals, had a family member with obesity, did not practice regular physical exercise, and did not have sufficient social support of their families. Students and their families should be well informed about potential harms of internet dependence on health, particularly on obesity, and social life.






Oral presentations