Experiences of Child Vaccine Providers With the National Immunization Programme and Their Dialogue With Parents


  • I.A. Harmsen
  • R. A.C. Ruiter
  • G. Kok
  • T.G.W. Paulussen
  • H.E. de Melker
  • L. Mollema


Background: Child Vaccine Providers (CVP) work at Child Welfare Centers (CWC), administer vaccines and communicate with parents about the National Immunization Programme (NIP). We performed this quantitative study to get more insight in CVPs attitude, their need for information and education, and their experience with educating (critical) parents who visit the CWC. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional on-line self-report questionnaire. In total, 1427 CVPs received, and 432 CVPs completed the questionnaire (response rate = 30.3%). Findings: Half of the CVPs (52.2%) indicated that they sometimes avoid discussion with parents. CVPs give 1-2 minutes education during a consult about the NIP to parents, but prefer 2-5 minutes, while 11.8% of the CVPs do not give education at all. Discussion: CVPs indicated not having enough time to fulfill the information need of parents, we think that CWCs should schedule an extra consult, or information meeting when parents have many questions. CVPs have a need for education in how to communicate with parents, therefore Public Health Institutes should develop training for CVPs about how to communicate with parents.






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