What influences quality of life in people with memory complaints?


  • A. Besozzi
  • C. Perret-Guillaume
  • S. Montel
  • E. Spitz


Background: Memory complaints (MCs) are experienced by a large proportion of older adults and are often a source of distress and worry. Because of the perceived threat of Alzheimer’s disease, MCs are known to be associated with depression, anxiety and poor quality of life. This study aims to examine how cognitive impairment and memory problems perceptions influence the quality of life of people with MCs. Methods: 130 persons with MCs have been recruited: 45 in community and 85 at a Memory Center. Memory problems perception, quality of life and mood were assessed and a neuropsychological battery was administered to the 85 persons recruited at the Memory Center. Correlations and regression analyses predicting quality of life were carried out. Findings: Actual cognitive impairment is not related to quality of life. The memory problems perception seems to be related to quality of life and predict it, in particular the emotional impact, personal control and coherence of memory problems. Discussion: this study provides preliminary results that have to be confirmed in a longitudinal survey. However, these results pointed the importance of psychoeducation and individualized care in the diagnosis process of memory disorders.





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