TiredofCancer app: an evidence based mHealth solution for cancer related fatigue


  • S.P. Lingens
  • M. Goedendorp
  • M. Hagedoorn
  • R. Sanderman
  • D. Vonk
  • B. Kuipers


Background: Cancer related fatigue (CRF) is a common symptom among cancer survivors (30-75%) affecting their daily functioning and quality of life. A web-based face-to-face therapy called TiredofCancer (ToC) was found to be successful in reducing CRF. In order to increase the impact of that interventions on a large scale, the aim of this project is to develop, optimize and validate a mHealth version of ToC. Methods: A multidisciplinary team of researchers, designer, marketing communicators, business advisors and programmers, supported by the European Grant Horizon 2020, works conjointly towards a financially sustained evidence-based mHealth intervention to establish enduring optimizations. We will present the following design process: Web-based App: version 1.0 Feasibility study App: version 2.0 Testing (RCT). The content of the ToC app focuses on four themes: fatigue, boundaries, anxiety and worry. Patients can customize the content, track their progress, their physical and sleep activity and communicate with their caregivers. The effectiveness of the app will be tested with a RCT in 1200 cancer survivors. Expected results: The well-functioning design and evidence-based content of the app will significantly decrease CRF. Stage of work: Version 2.0 of the ToC app is currently designed and will be finalized this summer followed by the experimental phase. Discussion: The detailed evidence-based planning and designing of the content and appearance of the app may serve as a role model for future mHealth interventions. Once proven effective the ToC app will be implemented in four different European countries (UK, Netherlands, Spain and Germany).





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