Going tender: developing location-based communication technology to improve healthy food decisions


  • J. Spook
  • E. de Vet


Background: The present paper describes the design rationale and development of a mobile location-based communication (LBC) tool. LBC allows for indoor monitoring of individual’s navigation and food choices in tempting food environments. As the development of LBC technology is complex, we aim to provide transparency on the developmental process. Methods: The LBC tool provides the basis of our needs assessment to understand how individuals navigate through tempting food environments. An interdisciplinary team of researchers, developers, designers and users collaborate during the developmental process of indoor tracking technology combined with momentary assessments. Expected results: Technical requirements, functional requirements, and business rules are formulated to comply with the Dutch tender law, and performance objectives will be translated into design objectives. These objectives will then be converted to the LBC tool. Current stage of work: We are at the stage of organizing and fine-tuning all requirements and objectives in order to put to tender. Discussion: To increase transparency of intervention development, clarity is needed on the underlying process. This paper is an attempt to gain and share further understanding of the possibilities and challenges related to LBC in health research.





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