Gender differences in reasons alcoholics drink - through AA member interviews


  • J. Ono
  • R. Ishikawa


[Introduction]In recent years, the number of alcoholics and the amount of liquor consumed have been decreasing in Japan; however, the numbers of female alcoholics and female chronic drinkers have been increasing. The purpose of this study was to find possible ways to prevent female alcoholism by means of analyzing the differences between men and women [Method ] Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six female and male alcoholics who maintained abstinence through the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program. [Results ] The female alcoholics drank alcohol for the first time in their late teens. The male alcoholics drank alcohol for the first time in childhood or their mid-teens; the men's parents tolerated or even encouraged the drinking of alcohol. Although no clear differences were noted in the reasons for drinking between men and women, feelings of loneliness influenced the women to drink, and the men's drinking was affected by situations in the workplace, and men tended to drink to excess. Both men and women exhibited the same responses when they started drinking—falls and loss of control of drinking. [Conclusion] The reasons for drinking and responses to drinking to excess are important when examining possible methods of preventing female alcoholism.





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