The relationship between personality traits and alcohol consumption in the general population of Latvia


  • J. Kolesnikova
  • V. Perepjolkina
  • K. Martinsone
  • A. Stepens


Background: Personality is associated with various health behaviors as it contributes in some way to decisions about lifestyle behaviors, e. g. personality traits (PT) are related to alcohol consumption (AC). Our aim was to evaluate the association between PT and AC. This study is a part of a large-scale validation study of Latvian Clinical Personality Inventory (LCPI-v3). Methods: In total 389 adults (M = 31.80, SD = 13.72 years; 48 % males) filed in demographic questionnaire, indicated information about their alcohol consumption and completed LCPI. Stepwise regression analysis was employed six times (namely, using as predictors (1) domain-level traits (2) facet-level traits first for entire sample, and then for males and females separately). Findings: Stepwise regression analysis revealed that in total 23% of the variance in AC for the entire sample was accounted for two domain-level traits such as Disinhibition and Compulsivity, and 34 % of the variance was accounted for three facet-level traits such as Aggression, Perseveration and Manipulativeness. Dissimilar results were obtained for males and females. None of domain-level traits were predictive for AC in female sample, but 84 % of variance in AC were accounted for Compulsivity and Dependance for males. On facet-level, Irresponsibility and Manupulativeness were found to account 55 % in AC for females, and Irresponsibility and Perseveration accounted in total for 79 % of the variance in AC for males. Discussion: Obtained results add dipper insight in the understanding of relationship between PT and AC, and approve criterion validity of personality scales of LCPI-v3.





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