Patients’ Satisfaction. is it Only a Matter of Effective Communication Skills?


  • T.V. Kalavana


There are evidences in the literature supporting the relation between clinical communication and patients’ satisfaction. The aim of the present longitudinal study was to explore whether nurses’ self-regulation skills contributes to patients’ satisfaction. 338 nurses (mean age 38.8, SD = 8.8) from Public Hospitals participated in the study. 89 from the 338 nurses participated in a six month intervention programme for the purpose to develop self-regulation skills. The participants filled the following self-reported questionnaires : A goal elicitation procedure (Little, 1983); SRSB(Maes, De Gucht, Heiser, Karoly, & Ruehlman, 2005); Long-Form Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ-III) (Marshall & Hays,1987) Structural Equation Analyses showed that nurses’ self- regulation has significant positive relation with patients’ satisfaction and negative significant relation with patients’ dissatisfaction. The present results underline the important contribution of nurse’s self-regulation to patient’s satisfaction.






Oral presentations