Factors influencing the consent towards biobank donation


  • N. Antonova
  • K. Eritsyan
  • L. Tsvetkova


The consent towards biobank donation is interesting for health psychology since psychological context of biobank donation is not entirely clear. The successful functioning of biobanks directly depends on people's willingness to donate their biological materials. The goal of this study was to evaluated the extent to which different groups among the general population are ready to make such a donation as well as the key potential factors people consider when deciding to become a donor (This study was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation , project no. 14-50-00069, St. Petersburg State University). Data from 254 scientific teaching staff of St. Petersburg State University was collected using Internet survey in September 2016. Only 37% of the interviewed people knew about the existence of biobanks. The study results indicated a relatively average level of consent to become biobank donor among respondents (52%). The most important factors of potential decision to donate were procedures risks and the study goals, the least significant factor was availability of payment. Our study did not reveal any influence of age on one’s willingness to become a donor. This study demonstrated that today the attitudes of scientific professionals do not pose a problem for further development of biobanking in Russia.





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